Glutathione IV Drip

Glutathione is produced in every cell and stored in the liver. As we age, glutathione levels decrease.

Factors causing glutathione loss are:

  • excessive stress
  • bad diet
  • drugs
  • medications (especially paracetamol!!!)
  • infections
  • injuries
  • chronic diseases
  • too little or too much physical activity
  • environment pollution
  • radiation
  • getting older

Glutathione is a substance used at the cellular level – primarily in the body’s defense. Glutathione deficiency leads to apoptosis (apoptosis – cells are eliminated, they occur when changes in the cell reach the so-called point of no return. After crossing this point, the cell must die.

It is the strongest antioxidant, detoxifier and immune system stimulator:

  • modifies the activity of lymphocytes in bacterial, viral and parasitic infections
  • affects the viability of erythrocytes
  • protects cells from damage by toxins
  • neutralizes pesticides
  • cleanses the body of heavy metals, herbicides and toxic components of tobacco smoke
  • is a factor of other antioxidants – it enables the proper functioning of vitamin. C and vit. E
  • takes part in the production of coenzymes, transport of amino acids and recycling of vitamins. C and vit. E
  • stabilizes lysosomal membranes
  • increases cell hydration
  • accelerates the reduction of fat tissue
  • lowers cortisol levels
  • increases the level of growth hormone
  • increases the level of glycogen in muscles
  • lowers the level of lactic acid
  • relieves symptoms of fatigue
  • affects intellectual abilities
  • alleviates the side effects of anticancer drugs (hair loss, nausea, vomiting)

Glutathione determines health and longevity and is recommended to every person who consciously takes care of themselves, especially if they are exposed to factors that increase its loss.

Without glutathione, cells would be subject to constant oxidation and destruction, and our resistance to bacterial and viral infections and the development of cancer cells would disappear. Each cell in the body is responsible for the production of glutathione itself and must have the necessary substrates for this. The demand for glutathione is always high because it is consumed under the influence of many stimuli.

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