Are you wondering who intravenous vitamin infusions are intended for? What is the composition of such infusions? What are the contraindications for the procedure, and is it safe? For these and many other questions regarding intravenous vitamin therapy, you will find answers here.

The procedure does not require any special preparation. However, it is suggested to consume a large amount of fluids (at least 2 liters per day) two days before the treatment. Since the human body is composed of 70% water, which is responsible for transporting nutrients in muscles and tissues, increasing fluid intake can enhance the effectiveness of the drip by facilitating its delivery and action. Fasting is not necessary.

Absolutely, a positive state after the infusion should encourage you to do so.

Intravenous administration allows for the rapid delivery of nutrients directly into the patient's bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This results in immediate absorption, leading to more effective replenishment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies compared to oral supplements, which are absorbed only in the range of 10-30% depending on the patient's health.

The supplements include vitamin C, B-group vitamins, vitamins A, D, and E, folic acid, biotin, as well as electrolyte vitamins such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and others.

While a half-hour therapy session can address vitamin deficiencies, the goal is not to encourage the elimination of fruits and vegetables from the daily diet. Due to time constraints, our bodies often lack the necessary vitamins for proper functioning. Fruits and vegetables consumed throughout the day may not sufficiently replenish the body's vitamin needs, hence the need for supplementation.

Vitamin C does not harm healthy cells, so there are no side effects. Vitamin C is designed to protect the body, strengthen immunity, and support the treatment of various diseases.

The intravenous administration of a vitamin drip takes approximately 30-120 minutes, depending on the chosen type. The timing may significantly vary among individuals based on their individual characteristics.

The frequency of intravenous infusions is determined individually.

Vitamin drips are a solution for those who care about health, fitness, and overall well-being. They are particularly useful for individuals experiencing stress, concentration problems, low energy levels, disturbed water-electrolyte balance, intense physical and mental work, chronic fatigue, depressive states, or those aiming to accelerate regeneration and enhance immune function through vitamin and mineral supplementation. They are recommended for active athletes and as support in the treatment of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases.

However, it is advised that pregnant women avoid using vitamin drips as the extent of vitamin penetration through the placental barrier is unknown.

Vitamin drips are absorbed instantly, providing the body with 100% valuable nutrients and everything it needs in optimal amounts. However, for desired results, supplementation should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity, and the reduction or elimination of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

Vitamin drips are usually administered 1-2 times a week or less frequently, with beneficial effects occurring individually after 1 to 4 sessions, depending on existing deficiencies.

Intravenous supplementation is considered safe. All vitamin therapies contain permissible daily doses of vitamins. Only tested preparations based on the highest quality ingredients are used.

Different vitamin combinations are possible during a single visit, but they are customized during consultation as not all combinations can be mixed.

While celebrities and athletes may use vitamin drips, they are widely applicable to anyone seeking health benefits. Drip therapies have been used worldwide for many years to effectively and safely support overall health and well-being.

Drip on Call offers various options for supplementing the body. The preparations are specifically designed to enhance the immune system, improve memory, increase energy, and aid in sports performance and post-illness or injury recovery.

Yes, the vitamin drips are described to enable independent selection.

Patient qualification is conducted in each case, during which indications and contraindications for the chosen drips are verified.

The ordering process is designed to resemble online shopping. The system allows independent selection of products, scheduling of infusion appointments, and making a deposit to confirm the reservation. Start by choosing the vitamin drips, and the system will guide you through the process step by step in a simple and intuitive manner.

Various payment methods are available, including online bank transfers, mobile payments, electronic wallets, cards, and cash.

Our staff is highly qualified and trained for gentle needle application. Nevertheless, patients may experience discomfort or slight pain during the injection. A secure catheter is then applied, eliminating discomfort when moving the hand during the drip administration.

There is a slight risk of allergic reactions during the administration of the drip. To minimize this risk, it is essential to diligently complete the medical history questionnaire and inform the medical staff about any medications being taken.

Yes, the charge will depend on how far we travel to get to you; but prices start from £50. Why not get a group of your friends/family together and split the call out charge between you?